Coffee Shop /Drive-Thru Business Plan:
                        "Doing it Rigtht from the Start!"



A Business Plan is a description and projection of what you intend to do. A lender or/and a landlord may require from you a Business Plan before they lend you any money or assign a lease.

A Coffee Shop Business Plan should have the following information:

  • What do you intend to do and where
  • How much capital do you need to complete the project
  • Where will the money be allocated: How much for build out, equipment, furniture, etc.
  • How much do you project your sales to be the first month, first year?
  • What will be your operating expenses?
  • What kind of expertise do you have to plan, complete and operate such a business?
  • If you don't have the expertise, who will provide it and what are his/her qualifications?

In short, the lender wants to know whether you understand the coffee shop business, and will the business generate enough revenues so you can meet all of your operating expenses and pay them back.

My "Espresso Business Success Program" Guide and Video has a generic business plan which can be adopted to any location, and it will give you the initial expertise to plan, open and operate your business. By presenting this book with your business plan to the lenders, you will provide them with the assurance that you will be working with expert help.

Is my plan effective?


Dear Alex:

My name is Sarita Banning.  I just wanted to let you know that I have opened a coffee shop in Wilmington, DE and we are doing pretty well.  I purchased your program back in 2003 (I believe) and I read it carefully and studied it and I now have an upscale coffee shop.  I wrote a business plan that my banker said was one of the most well put together plans he had ever seen. 

Basically, I wanted to say, thank you. The information I received was very helpful.
Sometimes people who touch others lives do not always get thanks so I wanted to
let you know that I was touched in a positive way. 
Thanks again Alex for all your knowledge.
The Perky Bean Coffee
Wilmington, Delaware

"Alex, two years ago we purchased your "Espresso Business Success Program" book & video. We are now in the process of opening our third shop! There is no way that we could have achieved the success that we have without you!"

Thank You!

Brian Warren
First Corner Coffee
Sumter, SC


Here are some of the contents of this Program:

  • Business Plan to present to your lender or landlord
  • Start-Up Costs
  • Efficient design and equipment layout of your shop or drive-thru
  • Complete equipment list, with my suggestions of where to get what
  • Very detailed initial supply list for your opening
  • "Espresso focused and friendly menu" - so you sell more!
  • Start-up "espresso marketing" program
  • Video tape that shows correct drink preparation techniques

Included in the price of this program is my personal, over the phone consulting with you, that may cover a prospective location, design, equipment, suppliers, or any other coffee business related matter. Just this consultation alone may save you thousands of dollars in preventing mistakes!

You can have this Business Plan RIGHT NOW by email when you order my

"Espresso Business Success Program"

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