How to Open a Coffee Shop or a Coffee Drive-Thru

                                       With the Least of Pain and the Most of Gain!



What you Have to do to Open a Successful Coffee Business Without Losing your Shirt!

       Whether you are planning tom

When you finish reading ALL of this web site you will know what it takes to start a Successful Coffee Business!

If you do it right, the coffee/espresso by the cup business offers generous financial rewards and personal satisfaction.  However, should you jump into it without understanding of what makes it "perk", you could miss a golden opportunity, risk your investment, waste precious time and destroy your dream!

My definition of "doing it right" is to do everything possible - within the limits of your budget - so as to maximize your sales and profits!

After all, you do want to makes some money, don't you?


Alex Fisenko has been helping companies and individuals to develop successful espresso concepts for the last 30 years. He provided initial "espresso expertise and inspiration" to some of the biggest players in the field. Besides having opened and operated 16 espresso bars for himself, he travels all over the world helping clients to open successful espresso bars, including South Korea, Thailand, Belgium, Saudi Arabia, Canada, and many US states. He was also an "Espresso Business Seminar" Presenter for the Coffee Fest Organization in Seattle. He will be happy to speak on any espresso related matters during your Industry Convention, or to contribute articles, free of charge, to your coffee related publication. He can be reached in Portland, OR (503)590 9423 E- mail:


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